BPS Dance Festival Challenge 2020 & Additional training for SYTYCD – Lower Secondary

Posted by Sam on October 15, 2019

Dear Lower Secondary Dance Parents,

BPS Dance Festival Challenge 2020:

Please be informed we recently received an invitation to join Bangkok Patana’s  Dance Challenge on Saturday January 18th 2020. The day will be split into two sections with the morning session (9am-12pm) being a workshop (optional) for students to learn about different styles of dance. One of these workshops will be run by our amazing Ms Lynn specializing in Jazz Dance. The afternoon session (1:30pm-5pm) will be the competition part of the event split into 3 age groups. Please note after discussing the event with Ms Lynn we would like to enter our two Lower Secondary teams, covered by the school. Therefore we are extending this invitation to you and would like to confirm your child will be able to attend.

  • Dreams in the Night by Spaces Between:
    • Grade 6: Bambi, Dora, Olivia
    • Grade 7: Alyssa, Kimberly, Maahika, Mailys
    • Grade 8: Noora, Padma
  • Beauty of the Season by Over the Years:
    • Grade 6: Bulan, Herme, Jida, Vivian
    • Grade 7: Emma
    • Grade 8: Anagha, Erin, Isabella

Please note while KIS will cover the competition section of the event, if students are interested in participating in the workshop section of the event, they do so at their own cost. Any students who are interested in the workshop section of the event should let Ms Lynn know by this Friday (18th October).

To read more about the event, please see the invitation letter below:

BPS Dance Festival Challenge 2020


Additional Training SYTYCD:

Please note with So You Think You Can Dance just around the corner (6th November), we have made arrangements for our groups to have time to practice in the auditorium as well as two additional day to ensure all teams are prepared. Please note the additional training days will be on 18th October and 5th November from 3-4:45pm.


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