Primary Badminton Try-outs

Posted by Sam on November 28, 2019

Badminton (Grade 2-5):

With the success of last year’s Badminton coaching and we will be looking to run the same try-out and training format as last year. We will be looking to run try-outs over the next couple of weeks before Term ends before having weekly training in Term 2 ran by Coach Art.

Please note if your child is interested in trying out for the team, they can sign-up at the Board outside the Primary office or additionally you can drop an email to Coach Oh ( to sign your child up. Sign-up will close on Wednesday 4th December at 4pm. The try-out for Badminton will be split into four groups during lunch, please see the trial days for each group below. Both teams will be confirmed by 11th December.

  • Friday 6th December: G5-U Boys
  • Monday 9th December: G5-U Girls
  • Tuesday 10th December: G3-U Boys
  • Wednesday 11th December: G3-U Girl

If selected for the team, training will start in January during lunch on Mondays for G3-U and Tuesdays for G5-U. G5-U training will run until their AISAA Tournament which is scheduled for April 28th 2020. G3-U there is no AISAA tournament but we will schedule a friendly Badminton event with Concordian similar to last year. Further details about G3-U event will be shared at a later date

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