Team cuts ahead of “On-Season” and Fixture list Season 2

Posted by Sam on December 12, 2019

Dear Parents,

As stated earlier in the Academic year, we have allowed all students to train during the off-season for G3-U Boys Football, G5-U Boys Football, G7-U Boys Football, G10-U Boys Basketball, and G10-U Girls Basketball. However, with these teams about to start their seasons in January, we will be cutting down these teams to ensure the training sessions can be more focus and our teams better prepared for games. Please note some team numbers will be different from others and this is down to the coach’s preference and what they feel comfortable with.

Having used the off-season to judge players, please be informed Coaches have selected their teams which you can find by clicking HERE for Basketball and HERE for Football. Please note for G3-U Boys and G5-U Boys Football we have split our teams into A and B with A being selected for AISAA League games. Please note while Team A will be used for AISAA League game, on occasion, students maybe brought up from Team B to support the A team. For G7-U Boys Football, G10-U Boys and Girls Basketball, the top list have been selected for the team, while the bottom list will need to wait till the off-season to rejoin training.

Season 2 Fixture List

Please see the full Season 2 fixture list below but please note games are subject to changes and we may have additional friendlies. Additionally all fixtures will be added to the Team Master list. Please be reminded that team selection will be announced the week before games.

Reminder of Primary & Secondary Coaching Schedule

Season 2 Training Primary 1

Season 2 Training Secondary 2




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