Season 3 Sports sign-up and G10-U Volleyball

Posted by Sam on February 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

With Season 2 sports coming to an end at the end of this week, please note we will be having new sign-ups for Badminton (COACHING, not afterschool club), Basketball G6-11, Football G6-11, and Table Tennis G7-U & G10-U. G12 students are welcome to sign up, but we expect them to be studying ahead of their IB Exams. The AISAA Season for G10-U Volleyball will start next week as their training goes to twice a week with league games. Please see the schedule below and note that each fixture has Boys and Girls playing at the same time:

AISAA G10-U Volleyball League Schedule

Notes for Season 3 Sports

Firstly please note all age and gender-specific Basketball and Football coaching will be┬áchanging to general G6-11 Boys and Girls separately in a “first come, first serve” sign-up. In Season 3, Table Tennis Tournaments G7-U & G10-U will be up first (18th March) followed by Badminton G7-U & G10-U (23rd April). Because of this, our Coaching schedule will be changing after each Tournament. Please look at the coaching schedules below carefully to understand when these changes will be happening. Please see our coaching location key to understand where coaching sessions will be taking place.

Location Key

Season 3 Coaching schedule & Sign-up

2nd – 20th March

2-20 March

If you are signing up for more then one sports, first priority should be given to Table Tennis and Volleyball as both are On-Season. Second priority should be given to Badminton as it will be On-Season after 20th March. Basketball and Football will be last priority as both seasons are completed. For Table Tennis, please not we will be doing final team selection (maximum 4 boys and 4 girls for each team) on 11th March for G7-U and 13th March for G10-U. There will be no Table Tennis Coaching after their Tournament.

23rd March – 3rd April

23 March - 3 April

If you are signing up for more then one sports, first Priority should be given to Badminton and Volleyball as both are On-Season with second priority going to Basketball and Football. Please note Volleyball Tournaments will be on Sunday 29th March, Boys at KIS and Girls at Concordian. Badminton Trials will run on 2nd April for G7-U and 3rd April for G10-U. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ANY TRAVEL PLANS ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IF YOUR CHILD WANTS TO BE ON THE BADMINTON TEAM

20th April – 22nd May

20 April - 22 May

After we return from Songkran break, we will only have two more training sessions (22nd &23rd April) for G7-U & G10-U Badminton and this will only be for students who made the team from Trials on 2nd & 3rd April. If one of these two dates clashes with another sport, first priority goes to Badminton. Our Tournament will be on 24th April at KMIDS. Also when we return from Songkran break, Volleyball training will be combined all age groups together with Boys coaching day on Thursdays and Girls coaching day on Tuesdays.

How to sign up?

Please click on the following Google link (CLICK HERE) to sign-up for the coaching you would like to do for Season 3. If for any reason you have having trouble accessing the link, please email Coach Oh ( with the coaching you would like to sign-up for. Sign-up will close at this Friday 28th February at 3pm.

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