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Sculpty Paint

Sculpty-paint is the Web 2.0 tool that we could download and use it offline. This is the Program that we could design a 3D object with your own imaginations and your own creativity. Every single people could use this program and to create there own object. This could motivate you because there are many tools that we could use.

Before going further information I will like to explain what is Web 2.0 tool.So that you could have a further information and you could understand the information that I am going to tell you very quickly and very easily.

What is Web 2.0 tool?:

Web 2.0 is a websites that is collaborated by "World Wide Web", if we say it specifically it is the website pages that are connected by the Internet engineer.

Features of Sculpty Paint

History of Sculpty Paint

This Sculpty Paint was created by a person called Cel Edmen. He was artist/designer/code until 1998. But, in 2003 he turned Independent Online professional Media. He had designed art, paint and make a program/software. He made sculpty paint because he wanted to make a program that does art, paint, design and uses some kind of program.Now this Program is been used for people who design or who wants to be creative.

This is the picture of Sculpty Pain while designing and making plan, does it look interesting for you?


  • This Sculpty Paint is free to download, which you could go to this website to download it, just click here
  • It is really easy to download the file, it won't take a long time.
  • This program is really useful for people that design things
  • Any age people could use this program
  • This program could be interesting for people that build things in jobs
  • It kind of take less spaces in our computers


  • It is really hard to use for the people that tries in the first time
  • It is kind of hard for people to learn how to use it
  • The work could get lost sometimes
  • sometimes it get error and can't open file

Where to download sculpty Paint

To download Sculpty paint then click here (

For this Website we could download the Sculpty Paint version in Windows, Mac and Linux, again it is free to download so feel free to download it.

This is when we are done making, and planning our object. And viewing from all the angles. We could make a shape and add them to some kind of shape to make the object, we could also control the angles of the shape

Tutorial How to use it

For beginners it might be really hard to use the program so, I think that it is good for people to watch the tutorial first before you start exploring in this Sculpty Paint Program.

Click here for watching the youtube video how to use the basic Sculpty Paint.


Extra/Other Links

(This is my group's Plain English Tutorial Video we made, feel free to watch it, if this doesn't work then go to

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